Furniture Store Point Of Sale Software

A successful platform will carry the data from the shopping cart online and enable the sales staff to continue the process in-store. This is specifically the case when it comes to large items like furniture.

What is POS example?

A point of sale purchase or payment is the specific point in time when a financial transaction takes place through a POS system. For example, if you decide to buy two products and take them to the checkout counter, the staff there would scan the products and create a receipt.

Being able to create better processes and build efficiencies means you can do more for less money and in less time than previously. Our comprehensive approach eases the difficulties of business and ensures customer success with functional software, industry consulting expertise and value-added solutions. To put it simply, we offer the best point of sale furniture software on the market today. E.g. the increase of leather recliners in winter, specifically during Christmas, as compared to its regular sales annually and it’s all time low in summer. You can get all of that generated by Counterpoint’s smart POS system for furniture stores with just the click of a button. For over 20 years Furniture Wizard Software has been a leader in servicing thousands of large and small furniture stores throughout the world. From full-line retail, wholesale distributors, and many niche-retail outlets like appliances, consumer electronics, high-end upholstery and mattress specialty stores to name a few.

Tagrain POS system is crafted with imagination to transform the old era of store management with a modern designed technology!

Generating repeat business is easy with Ordorite’s powerful marketing features. They are included in the base package and are significantly more expansive than those in other systems. You can capture extensive customer information like their interests and preferences. Then, use that information to develop highly-targeted marketing campaigns that speak to those interests. Lightspeed’s one-stop commerce platform lets you sell everywhere. Enable customers to browse and buy in store, online and everywhere in between.

  • The best systems sync the data entered from each location or warehouse into the system.
  • Cumulus Retail features an “Always On” setting that continues to power the system, collect data, and even accept credit card payments when the internet drops.
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO and automatically transfer the right quantities to other retail locations.
  • However, STORIS isn’t as far ahead of the competition as Usain Bolt.
  • FROG point of sale allows your team to enter sales orders from anywhere.
  • It is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications and available for use with multiple devices and operating systems.

This not only brings you the exposure that your business needs but Counterpoint ensures that you and your customers get top priority service. After all, provision of quality Point of Sale solutions is what Counterpoint strives for.

House & Office Furniture, Kitchen Accessories POS Software system

From the installations to training to troubleshooting, we offer live global support seven days a week. Organize your entire product base within SalesPush in the simplest of ways ensuring peak customer satisfaction. Start wherever you are with your retail business and we’ll help you succeed.

Furniture Store Point Of Sale Software

Although not included in STORIS’s base plan, this add-on feature gives you the online presence you need to compete. Plus, your employees can use tablets to walk around your showroom floor, access inventory and pricing data, and answer customer questions on the spot. No more having to run back to the stockroom or the counter to consult a paperbound inventory book when someone asks about the availability of a particular piece. Quickly launch marketing campaigns and manage your email lists by syncing your customer data with Mailchimp. Give customers added flexibility by letting them pay a deposit to reserve or layaway items for later, and then pay the full amount in regular installments. With full visibility across your enterprise, seamlessly balance inventory, perform transfers, manage pricing, analyze shinkage and more.

Keep track of things with dashboards

Business owners have the ability to create a vendor PO, enter a customer order number, include a drop shipment address, and add instructions to the order. The customer, vendor, shipping company, and business should all be on the same page.

Furniture billing software designed to handle end to end business process from procuring to delivering the products. Our furniture store POS software allows you to manage information like sales, purchase, inventories, accounts and GST. It will also helps to accept returns, put sales on hold, offer gift receipts, accept gift cards, create layaways and more. It also helps us to make timely decisions effectively in our business. Home goods and furniture retailers sell each product a wide range of design styles, colors and finishes. As a result, many stores do not store large amounts of inventory, and thus require an inventory management system for furniture that can easily manage all styles, track inventory, and fulfill orders. More than 350 home furnishings retailers use the software today at more than 11,000 locations across North America.

Single Customer View

Counterpoint knows just what you need that’s why it has come up with a flexible interface for its CRM that’s best suited for your furniture store. It features customizable fields for you to easily input data that’s necessary for your needs ranging from the customer’s name, phone Furniture Store Point Of Sale Software number to date of birth and personal preferences. Built-in reports make it easy to see sales, profits by items, category, customers, and suppliers, practically by any dimension you can imagine. Offer quick and efficient checkouts with customized invoices for your customers.

Furniture Store Point Of Sale Software

With our inventory management, you can manage millions of items and track where they go. With PredictSpring, get to know exactly what your customers want and provide them with bespoke flooring recommendations to suit their needs – all while spotting unique upsell opportunities. Manage and create custom orders on an intuitive interface and ensure every customer receives a first-rate service. Easy and real-time access to information about your inventory, customers, vendors and overall business operations.

Cloud-Based Management

Furniture stores depend more than most retail businesses on the efficiency of supply chain management. Without a furniture store software system that streamlines these processes, you’ll quickly fall behind the competition. With the modern POS, customers can split and complete transactions with a combination of payment types, from anywhere in the store. The PredictSpring POS solution is designed to simplify multi tender payments, empowering retailers to meet every customer’s needs. Easily provide extended warranties as add-ons for appliances, maintain full visibility with real-time inventory management and serial number tracking.

Other retail systems don’t provide that level of inventory management quality. Additionally, we provide integration with other software and services to provide seamless solutions for your unique business needs. This integration can make life easier and your business run more efficiently. In short, PROFITsystems is your one stop retail POS software solution to inventory, customer and retail management.

Launch better ecommerce experiences faster with native big ticket features. Streamline operations with a complete suite of purpose-built merchant tools. Go headless and use our omnichannel features with your own site or DXP. The Blueport Platform is built for complex paths to purchase, enabling unified, compelling experiences as shoppers move between online and your stores. Geolocation drives online experiences that match shoppers’ local stores. Synchronization with your store systems ensures unified end to end experiences. Patented tools make your salespeople part of the selling process.

Furniture Store Point Of Sale Software

Rapidly process EMV chip cards and protect customer information with NCR’s secure payment gateway. Restrictions on discounts and returns – management settings allow restrictions to be placed on discounts and returns of products. Email marketing – deliver targeted campaigns by querying and downloading customer data for use with popular email marketing applications. Featuring product image, PurchasePal reorder system, discount scheduler, Volume and X for Y pricing, and more. Quickly serve your customers with GiftLogic’s Register software. Featuring Quick Access Bar, easy Item Search, Quick Inventory Add, and so much more. The system also calculates the inventory after stock changes accurately to help you sell with the right quantity, bringing the best experience for end consumers.


Windward Software’s integrated accounting software allows you to view, print, enter and report data quickly and conveniently, providing and simple, error-free way of managing your books. Control your inventory, track inventory movement, optimize stock levels and improve your cost control measures through reports. By integrating your online and offline operations, you’ll keep administrative costs down while maintaining tight control over your expanding inventory. Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.

  • It is also equipped with EMV card readers for added functionality.
  • Users can manage their inventory, sales, staff, customer experience, and much more all from one fully-integrated system, which can operate online and offline.
  • Windward Software has a strongKit System, also known asAssemblies or Bill of Materials.
  • It is backed up by a ton of features including color-coded product listings as well as custom built profiles for each satisfied customer that it helps you gain.
  • Specialty furniture retailers also offer a lot of made-to-order business and design and custom services.
  • Access funds from your Square sales right away with Square Checking.

Make better decisions with comprehensive business intelligence tools that provide real-time insight to your operations. Easily create special orders and enter unique SKUs in order to adapt to your customers specific needs. Utilize templated options to streamline the creation of a custom product at the POS.

Multi-store and multi-warehouse inventory management

Make sure your retail vision is based on the best data available. Download this eBook to learn about the key performance indicators a retail CEO needs to track to lead effectively, set company goals, and cope with change. Handle products, suppliers, employee schedules, sales, appointments and events for all of your locations in one, single database. Offer a loyalty program and reward customers with points and personalized offers and coupons. Boost loyalty and drive revenue with offers and coupons that are valid for all, or just some, of your customers and locations. Source items from your stores, warehouses, or external vendors at the POS.

Seamlessly create special orders and enter new SKUs on an intuitive interface. Create a checkout experience that is accurate, simple, and secure. Let us help you choose the right POS system, including all the features you can possibly need. Your quote request has been received and we’ll respond within two business days. In this article, we will look at the Final note as a way to close the song.

If so, the scalability of Celerant’s Cumulus Retail is worth a closer look. However, STORIS isn’t as far ahead of the competition as Usain Bolt. The other systems on our list hold their own and are worth checking out.

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